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Photo Credit Cameron Jordan

        I started Setpiece after 15 years of working in Product Management and UX design. Most recently I lead regulatory and data products for Bird from 50 employees through their public listing. Before that I led product at NationBuilder, an A16z backed startup, building organizing tools for campaigns and nonprofits. My passion is combining the "art" of product vision, with the "science" of established frameworks for scalable and repeatable success.

At heart I am an obsessive problem solver. I love synthesizing good qualitative research into quantified business goals and building world-class product development teams tailor-made for growing specific product domains.

Beyond shipping products, I've helped software teams mature without losing their agility, creativity, or focus on growth. I get into the weeds with engineers to make the right tradeoffs between business growth and scalable architecture.

My greatest passion is helping non-technical folks (including my startup founder wife) understand how to bring their vision to life through technical systems, so that companies can find deep alignment across their entire team.

Previous Work

Streaming Data

Streaming system which standardized operational data for compliance reporting and realtime analysis


Multiple API suites to allow third parties to integrate core functionality into their products

ML Decision Engine

Marketplace optimization using ML models and real time constarints

Legal Tools

Manage and record attestation to user agreements globally

CRM Data

User tools for data management (import, clean, update). Complex interaction tracking and planning.